“I highly recommend Lars as a coach. He is the perfect person to talk to when you want to discover your purpose and match it with a business that fits your ideal lifestyle. He helps you to gain clarity on the right direction and offers invaluable advice that will inspire you to make bold moves.”
—Danielle Blum

“Speaking with Lars got me to really think about some of the challenges I face, how to overcome them and where I can
grow my business. It was an easy and casual, yet constructive and productive conversation that left me feeling
motivated and inspired to take the next steps. If you need some clarity and motivation he is your man to talk to!”
—Sophie Saville

“I can recommend Lars because he’s advised me while I built two multi-million dollar companies. Lars is a tremendous resource for fundamental advice in self-development, spirituality, and motivation. Lars is likely to be the Tony Robbins for the new generation.”
—Jay Singh

I do personal coaching with a holistic focus, as every aspect of life is interrelated.I coach impact leaders who
don’t “need” coaching. These are A players that want to take their lives to the next level, and achieve results
that most people would only dream of. These people believe that anything is possible, and take massive action
towards their goals. If that sounds like you, contact me and we’ll set up an introductory 30-minute Skype call.

I also do strategic consulting for businesses and startups.