How To Become A Digital Nomad
Millions of people are ditching their cubicles and traveling the world while making money through their laptops. This new lifestyle is called being a digital nomad, and this course is the only course on the web that teaches how to make the leap into this new lifestyle. In the course, I discuss strategies that will allow you to build wealth from anywhere, different ways to live cheaply around the world, how to maintain a quality lifestyle abroad, “travel hacking” to get free flights, and much more. I also have interviews with experienced digital nomads that share all their secrets with you. Here’s a discounted link.
Public Speaking For Millennials
Public speaking is an essential skill to have to succeed in both your personal and professional lives. In the course, I cover the fundamentals of all successful public speaking, tips and tricks the best speakers use, tactics to overcome fear, and actionable next steps to get out there and start speaking. I also have interviews with top millennial speakers that share their secrets of successful speaking with you. Here’s a discounted link.