Here’s a list of the media that’s covered me and my businesses. I love being on interviews/podcasts, so please contact me if you’d like to have me as a guest on your show!
Business Buff Entrepreneurs: Lars King, Founder of Daily Meditation
The Pocket Change Podcast: Daily Meditation, Motivation and The Power of Speed Reading
Inverse Media: Psychedelic Activists Aren’t the LSD-Dropping Hippie Flakes You Think They Are
(I organized this event)
MAPS Fundraising: I was able to raise the most money for the nonprofit out of all the fundraisers that took place around the world
Media for Daily Meditation
BostInno: This Northeastern Student Wants You Meditating Daily
The Huntington News: Meditation Startup Relaxes Users
Launching Next: New Startup Makes You Happier, Calmer, and More Productive
Pick The Brain, Personal ImprovementSpiritual Media Blog, The Self Improvement Blog: The Ultimate Guide To Meditation
Be Conscious: Daily Meditation
Media for Year Of Motivation
Hack The System: How I Created My First Online Business
BostInno: This Northeastern Student Wants To Motivate You Every Morning Of The Year
Boston Business Journal: Northeastern Student’s Motivation-Focused Startup Became Profitable In 2 Weeks
Upstart Business Journal:  A Company That Went Into The Black In 2 Weeks? This Motivated Boston Student Did Just That
Northeastern News: What Motivates You?
The Huntington News: Student Launches 365 Videos Of Motivation
Personal Success Factors: Can You Really Make Money Online?!
Dillon Carter: How Lars King Created His First Web Startup