10X Your Learning 

As the old ways and structures of society are becoming less relevant by the day, this is what will allow you to THRIVE during these times of transition.

This is for those who know they are meant to be on the cutting edge. I am making 40 spots available so we can create a close container to support each other at the highest levels.

If this resonates with you, I invite you to join me and a group of epic human beings in a journey that will truly awaken the genius within you. This is the ultimate upgrade.

This system has radically changed my life. It’s my passion and joy to share it with you.

This will be offered live once.

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Week 1: The Rock-Solid Foundation: Inner Learning, Deprogramming and Reprogramming The Subconscious Mind

The first week will build the rock-solid foundation for the entire program. Before we explore outer learning, we want to have a foundation of inner learning and deprogramming from all that no longer serves us – you’ll learn how to get out of the left-brain hyper-logical mind to access the inner teacher within that always knows the best next step for us, as well as how to identify whenever old programs are running in your mind – giving you the freedom to create new more empowering ones. To truly learn, first you have to unlearn, and I will show you how. You’ll learn techniques like “automatic writing” and more to tap into your inner GPS system, getting crystal clear about your most inspired choices. Operating from the left brain logical mind is like playing checkers, and operating from your inner wisdom is like playing chess. You’ll also learn all about how the subconscious mind actually works, and how to plant the right seeds to get the results you really want.

Week 2: Speed Listening: A New Paradigm Of Learning

The second week dives deep into speed listening – all about how to implement and integrate this key learning tool into your life. It also shows you how to actually listen to ANY book even if it is only available on Kindle, or any PDF- making sure that it is a human-sounding voice! Nobody else in the world is teaching that. I’ve learned so much about how to optimize speed listening over the many years I’ve been doing it, and I will give you all I’ve got on this value-packed call. You’ll be flying through powerful books while taking no extra time out of your day, and actually remembering and applying what you learn.

Week 3: Learning From The Very Best: Personalized Mentors

The third week gives you everything you need to identify, reach out to, and enroll world-class mentors into your life, in every major aspect of life. I have business mentors, health mentors, spiritual mentors, and more…and couldn’t imagine where I’d be without them. There is so much that goes into getting the very best mentors, and I spent years of trial and error giving you all the juicy time-tested knowledge I’ll be giving you on this call. One of the keys to choosing the best mentors for you is actually using special intuition based techniques that I will teach.

Week 4: Key Learning Superchargers

The fourth week will give you key learning superchargers. These include the most effective ways to speed read, scientifically-backed ways to actually remember what you learn, the best ways to identify what books to actually read, the secrets of emotion as it relates to learning, how to take notes most effectively, the power of immersion, how to learn from your daily life and the people already in it, the lost yet powerful art of contemplation, and more. I recently spent an entire week contemplating one question alone, with no technology, and it led to some major shifts. You won’t need to spend nearly that much time contemplating to achieve breakthroughs.

Week 5: Powerful Methods To Accelerate Your Learning

The fifth week goes into powerful methods to accelerate your learning, where once you use them, they benefit all the learning that you do. From the timeless skill of discernment, taking advantage of your unique learning style and your multiple intelligences, the power of presence in learning, daily micro-learning, how to balance open-mindedness and skepticism, learning while sleeping, the impacts of exercise and stress on learning, and more.

Week 6: Unlocking Your Brain's Peak Potential with Justin Faerman

The sixth week is with Justin Faerman, the founder of Conscious Lifestyle Mag and co-creator of Flow Consciousness Institute – he spent six years researching the most effective and cutting edge ways to heal himself, and he will reveals the key superfoods, mindsets, cutting edge bio-peptides, and ancient practices to grow key neurotransmitter levels, kickstart neurogenesis and unlock your brain’s peak potential.

BONUS CALL Week 7: Optimizing Brain Nutrition with Cavin Balaster

The seventh week is all about radically optimizing your nutrition for your brain, from traumatic injury coma survivor Cavin Balaster. I wanted to bring the very best person on to teach this topic. He had a 10% chance of survival, and he had to learn how to optimize nutrition for his brain, otherwise he wasn’t going to make it. He devoured the world’s best research about brain nutrition, and funny enough, he is the only other person I’ve met who uses a lot of the same accelerated learning technology and apps to learn with. You’re going to love Cavin and all that he’s going to share.

BONUS CALL Week 8: Learning From Plant Medicines

The eighth week is all about learning from plant medicines, or as some call them, “plant teachers.” Many people are discovering the transformative power of sacred plant medicines, and there’s a lot we can learn from them. During this week, we will explore both the light and dark sides of these potent allies and explore the ideal ways to learn from them during and after the experience so that we experience an elevated life over the long-term.

Lars King


I’ve spent the last 8 years pursuing mastery in the skill of learning – and am beyond excited to bring you the most efficient and effective learning system on the planet. This is essentially an upgrade of your operating system, the closest thing to learning as fast at Neo learned Kung Fu in the Matrix. Welcome!

What you get by enrolling

Unlimited Q+A Both Live And In The Group

You will get to ask any questions you have during the calls as well as between calls.

Video Tutorials And Call Recordings

You will have access to step-by-step tutorials showing you exactly how to use all of the learning technology and apps, as well as all of the recordings of the calls.

Accountability Partner

You will get an accountability partner to ensure you gain the most value out of the course. This is something that is almost never offered on other courses, and makes a big difference.

Lifetime Updates And Future Versions

The 10x Your Learning system will continue to be updated to stay cutting-edge, and when it launches at full price, you will have access to the updated version of it for free (along with any future updates and bonuses).

Cutting-Edge Learning Resources and Bonuses

You will gain access to all the learning resources that I use and recommend, and get access to all the bonuses (7th week call with Justin Faerman, an in-depth video on how to learn from plant medicines, and more).

More Bonuses

Supportive Community

This course will have some real superstars as a part of it, and you’ll have the opportunity to learn from them as well. You can make lifelong friends and connect with high-quality people as we all grow together.

Exact Scripts For Reaching Out To Mentors

These scripts will take away all the guesswork about how to most effectively get a potential mentor’s attention in the most positive way.

Personal Recommended Reading List

This will contain many different categories – after going through hundreds and hundreds of the best books out there, I’ll tell you which are the most potent and powerful.

Most Popular Nonfiction Books: Key Ideas Distilled

Two powerful resources that distill the key takeaways of the most popular nonfiction books into bite sized chunks for you to learn and implement right away so you don’t have to go through the entire book.

Choose a Plan that Works for You

Taking this course live is a one time opportunity. Secure your spot now.


How much of a commitment is it?

My goal was to create as little content as possible to have the highest impact possible. The more you invest into this experience, the more benefit you receive - for the rest of your life. Living in alignment with our true purpose is one of the most important things we can focus on in life. That said, if you devote 1-2 hours per week to do the homeplay, you will receive major benefits. You have lifetime access once you join, so you'll be able to complete everything on your own time, no matter what's happening in your life.

When do we begin?

While our first bonus experience is on Sept 1 - we officially begin on Sept 10.

“Working with Lars has been amazing! I received a friend, a brother and a mentor.  His 10x your learning program has literally shifted my life. To be able to absorb content from the pioneers of our world daily at a rate words can’t express is mind boggling!! Working with Lars has been priceless.”

Emmanuel Ben-Israel

Entrepreneur and Healer

“One of the apps in the 10x your learning system has allowed me to absorb an abundance of high value content that I couldn’t find on the major audiobook apps out there, and it’s a fantastic tool for educating myself.

Jack Peterson

Conscious Dating Coach

“I am learning faster than ever before, I have so much more mental clarity than I used to, and based on putting your recommendations into practice I’ve been feeling consistently happy for no reason.”

Roy Kelvon

Digital Agency Owner

This is the closest thing to the Limitless pill and learning in the Matrix.