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 What if you could easily let go of years, even decades, of old patterns, trauma, and pain that’s been stored in your body in less than a week?

Body Electronics is a modality that brings up exactly what your genius subconscious is ready to let go of. The results are permanent and profound. Talk therapies only go so far, where working with the body itself is the leading edge of healing.

Your body remembers everything. It stores every traumatic memory subconsciously in your physical tissues. These patterns are often received from our ancestry, creating unnecessary suffering and limitations. When we experience a rebirth, we transform these patterns into our purpose.

Our core wounds continue to replay themselves until we heal them at the root. Our retreats are designed to support you in healing the core wounds of your psyche, rewiring your subconscious at the deepest levels to restore the wholeness, sovereignty and light of your Greatest Self. 

Those who participate in our retreats get to know their hearts much more intimately, and ultimately they remember who they really are. When we live from our true nature, our experience of life transforms into the sacred journey of expansion it was always meant to be.

Your Facilitators:
Lars and Tatiana

There is life before BE, and there is life after BE.

This isn’t just a Body Electronics retreat; we will be sharing many
different miraculous modalities with you. 

Since these modalities have been so powerful for us and our clients,
we decided to integrate them all into our retreats.

Here are more details:

Body Electronics

BE is a group experience unlike any other you’ve had before. Everyone on retreat will hold specific meridian points on your body as your subconscious lets go of anything that's been blocking the flow of love. This is a very safe, sacred container to heal any kind of trauma that’s been stored in your body. The miracles that happen when we do this are like nothing else we or our clients have ever experienced elsewhere.

Mastery Systems based coaching

This is one of the most direct and comprehensive coaching systems available, and we are blessed to be trained in it. This system combines word codes (listening closely to what's REALLY being said behind the story), body codes (reading the subconscious real-time through body signals), deep feeling, and making powerful new choices. This opens up many doors for deepening your self-knowledge and living the dreams of your heart.

Enlightened Iridology

It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul - and we are blessed to be able to decode the core patterns your soul is working through by looking at the "lens" of your eye. Based on the specific colors and blood vessels, we've been trained to read the map of your greater mission in life. Receiving an eye reading is truly a cosmic experience.

Internal Family Systems

IFS (Internal Family Systems) is one of the most leading-edge therapies, as it is fully non-pathologizing as well as highly effective. It works directly with the different subpersonalities within our psyche that attempt to run our lives, helping unburden them so that our True Self can run the show - our Self having qualities of compassion, consciousness, confidence, calmness, creativity, clarity, curiosity, courage, and connectedness.

Embodiment Meditations

Many people experience themselves from a disembodied place, which keeps them from experiencing their full pleasure and ease. Embodiment meditations bring you all the way in. They are an amazing tool for remembering divine safety in your body and refreshing your system from the inside out. Tatiana will guide you every night before bed, helping you integrate all of the consciousness upgrades from your day and feel more of you. This simple guidance will be something you can bring home and practice daily.

Translating the Sacred Language of your Body + Health

The body is the subconscious mind in 3D form. The body will talk in ways that our conscious mind may not be actively aware of. Every itch, wound, health situation or bodily experience can be translated in consciousness. We will teach you how to translate the sacred language of your body and as you do so, watch your physical symptoms completely transform.

Our Retreat Space

Texas Hill Country

Nestled on two acres of gorgeous land in Dripping Springs outside of Austin, we’ve created a beautiful home for intimate, deeply transformational experiences.

Being 7 minutes from 2400 acres of pristine nature, and half an hour from Austin – this is an ideal location to experience your rebirth.

Here at our home, it’s quiet, full of stars at night, with beautiful sunsets, with deer and wild birds that come to hang out with us (plus our two cute bunnies)!


Organic Cuisine

Food fuels our entire existence. We are what we eat. As we are all made new on this retreat, we require supporting our bodies with high-quality nutrition. We partner with conscious, loving chefs to provide nourishing and organic meals to directly fuel your transformation.

Your Accommodations

You’ll enjoy luxury, organic bedding in one of our multiple guest rooms so you can rest, sleep and deeply integrate your transformation which will build on itself each day you are here. One room has two twin beds, and the other has two bunk beds.

We also have other places to rest, nap, and integrate throughout the space.


Join Us If You Desire To…

  • Be fully present
  • Discover your sacred mission
  • Dissolve old patterns and trauma
  • Become more conscious
  • Feel more deeply
  • Experience vibrant health
  • Trust your inner knowing
  • Learn profound inner work tools
  • Feel new levels of love, peace, and joy
  • Embrace your fullest expression

Are you willing to be made completely new?

More Value

Integration Day

Integration is key for your retreat. We curate our final day to be filled with rest and receiving. On integration day, we set new intentions, swim, connect with nature, rest, and receive optional bodywork or acupuncture.


Your retreat is the beginning, not the end of your experience in community. You will be added to an intimate, inner circle group on Telegram where we can all connect, share our miracles and support each other going forward.

Integration Call

We offer a group call after the retreat to wrap up our experience together, and ensure everyone receives the support they require.


The healing that Lars and Tatiana facilitated was some of the most powerful, profound, and effective inner work I have ever experienced. I was able to release some of my deepest trauma that had been hidden away for 30+ years and that I had not been able to access with other modalities. I feel totally transformed at the core of my being and my health and peace of mind have improved leaps and bounds in the span of a few days. I have experienced countless healing modalities over the course of nearly 20 years in the space and what Lars and Tatiana offer in their retreats is truly life changing.

Justin Faerman

Co-Founder, Flow Consciousness Institute

This BE retreat was a life-changing experience for me. It helped me to understand and release the misperceptions and fears that have been holding me back. It reminded me how powerful, sacred, and innocent I truly am. I felt the effects reverberate through my lineage and have seen how my world and the people in it have radically shifted as a result. I feel free and joyful, and I am much more grounded in my body and heart. I’ve tried a lot of different methods, processes, retreats, and programs over the years, and Lars and Tatiana’s facilitation was some of the best I’ve ever experienced. I felt so cared for and held throughout our time together. I learned so much and have been using all of the tools and processes ever since because they are each highly effective and fun and easy. I can’t wait for my next BE! 

Meghan MacDonald

Co-Founder, Conscious Lifestyle Magazine

The biggest gift I received from this retreat was getting intimately in touch with my feeling world as an integrated aspect of my daily awareness. I had previously done powerful pieces of work that would touch into memories or stored emotion, but this retreat gave me an entire context to “stay” with my feeling world and work emotional material real-time. 

Holly Odneal

Spiritual Psychologist

Lars and Tatiana provide a safe and beautiful container for deep transformation. With their unique blend of somatic and intuitive modalities, I was able to access and release deeply imprinted emotions and feel more love, acceptance, and peace at the end of the retreat. 

Jackie Knetchel

Co-Founder, Flow Consciousness Institute

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Summer Retreat

  • Dates TBD
  • Beginning on a Friday evening, ending the afternoon of a Tuesday evening

Your BE retreat will be:






















After years of exploring dozens of modalities of healing and consciousness, we are offering you the BEST of what has miraculously changed our lives.

Our Journey Together

We met 9 years ago in our second week of freshman year, drunk at a frat party. We were teenagers, open-hearted and curious about our new journey at university. The learning never ended for us; we have been partners in love, knowledge, and raising our consciousness for all these years. We are so excited to blend our gifts and shared tools as facilitators and bring you the best of what we have personally received.

We have witnessed people heal chronic health issues, get their physical hearing and vision back, stop using canes they’ve been walking with for years, deeply transform their relationships, feel deeply safe in their bodies again, and so much more. Everyone receives their own unique miracle which they are ready for.


Why Lars Loves BE

My journey with Body Electronics began just a few weeks after my mother passed away. I was very numb, having grown up with heavy trauma and dissociation. I was even raised in a doomsday-style cult. When I heard about this modality, I just knew it was for me, as I really needed it. Memories came up that I had thought were buried and forgotten, and I felt such deep, tender emotion. Not only did I heal so many things in my heart, my chronic physical health issues dissolved through my journey with this system of miracles.

I began to FEEL more and more, and as I came back into my felt sense of embodiment, everything in my life transformed – my sense of purpose, confidence, love, joy, presence, and trust in life itself have all grown so much. My ability to feel has grown massively by doing this, and as I feel deeper, my gifts come through me much more powerfully. This is really about living your full potential, as the sacred leader you came here to be. I’m blessed to be offering these retreats and am so excited for you to have your miracle.

Why Tatiana Loves BE

Body Electronics changed my life. As someone who titled herself a ‘deep feeler,’ I was completely surprised at my first BE retreat to realize I had actually been living with a big mental filter that was keeping me out of my body and out of my actual feeling. Being out of my body was affecting my health, my finances, my pleasure, joy, and overall relationships. Now I feel more connected to all of me, and experience my life much more deeply. My life has quantum updates over and over again. I’m way more aware of what is going on inside, and I have the tools to keep empowering myself. I wouldn’t trade anything for the memories and love that have come back to me through BE.


What can I transform at this retreat?

You can transform all kinds of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual issues. Your relationships with others and yourself, as well as your work in the world, all have the opportunity to upgrade. What we do is first pinpoint the exact root cause of the issue, then support you in transmuting that at the deepest levels into the light that it “turns into” when touched with love and presence. Essentially, it’s the science of miracles.

What are the results I can experience from a Body Electronics retreat?

Your body will upgrade exactly what is available for you. Most people’s chronic health issues significantly lessen or dissolve completely, their painful emotions turn into pleasurable ones, their dissociation turns into presence, their confusion to clarity, their victimhood to empowerment. Everyone receives their next level of embodiment and deeper feeling, which enhances their quality of life and relationships.

What is the investment?

We can discuss that more on a discovery call once we determine if you are a good fit for Body Electronics. The big picture is that if you are truly meant to come, the investment will be easy.

Can I use my phone at the retreat?

No. For you to have your deepest experience, we strongly encourage you to unplug from your phone so you can stay fully present during the retreat.

How many people will be at the retreat?

Tatiana and Lars will be the main facilitators, as well as one guest facilitator. Aside from that, there will be six attendees at each retreat.

What are the sleeping arrangements?

We have two beautiful guest rooms, one with two twin beds and the other one with two bunkbeds.

Upgrade yourself, upgrade your entire reality.