Body Electronics

An Experience You Will Always Remember

Speaking of memory, your body remembers everything. It stores every trauma in your tissues, and lodges it into your subconscious. These patterns, often received from our lineage, replay over and over again in our lives, creating unnecessary suffering and pain.

With Body Electronics, we offer a modality that brings up exactly what our subconscious is ready to let go of, in a potent and highly effective way, where the results are permanent. Talk therapies only go so far, where working with the body itself is the leading edge.

Body Electronics rewires your subconscious at the deepest levels, not only healing trauma that other methods rarely reach, also facilitating profound spiritual experiences of our True Selves.

The safety that’s created when multiple people hold our points for multiple hours seeing perfection in whatever comes up for us is like nothing else we or our clients have ever experienced. That safety allows us to touch with our hearts places within us that have been calling out for attention (often for many years).


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Your Facilitators: Lars and Tatiana



    leading into our story and experience – our transformation and our “why,” this changed our lives so deeply, that’s why we’re inspired to bring this to you

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Our Retreat Experience

Nestled on two acres of gorgeous land in the Texas Hill Country outside of Austin, we’ve created a beautiful retreat center for intimate, deeply transformational experiences.

With well water, soft comfortable spaces, fun activities, 7 minutes from 2400 acres of pristine nature, and half an hour from Austin – this is an ideal location to experience your rebirth.

Here at our retreat center it’s quiet, full of stars at night, with beautiful sunsets, with deer and hummingbirds that come hang out with us.


Food/ Accommodations
Food fuels our entire existence. We are what we eat. As we are all made new on this retreat, we require supporting our bodies with high nutrition and sustenance. We partner with conscious, loving chefs to provide nourishing and organic meals to directly fuel your transformation.

More Details

Mastery Systems Coaching

This is one of the most direct and comprehensive coaching systems available, and we are blessed to be trained in it. This system combines word codes (listening closely to what's REALLY being said behind the story), body codes (reading the subconscious real-time through body signals), deep feeling, and making powerful new choices. This opens up many doors for deepening your self-knowledge and living the dreams of your heart.

Enlightened Iridology

It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul - and we are blessed to be able to decode the core patterns your soul is working through by looking at the "lens" of your eye. Based on the specific colors and blood vessels, we've been trained to read the map of your greater mission in life. Receiving an eye reading is truly a cosmic experience.

Internal Family Systems

IFS (Internal Family Systems) is one of the most leading-edge therapies, as it is fully non-pathologizing as well as highly effective. It works directly with the different subpersonalities within our psyche that attempt to run our lives, helping unburden them so that our True Self can run the show - our Self having qualities of compassion, consciousness, confidence, calmness, creativity, clarity, curiosity, courage, and connectedness.

Translating The Sacred Language Of Your Body + Health

The body is the subconscious mind in 3D form. The body will talk in ways that our conscious mind may not be actively aware of. Every itch, wound, health situation or bodily experience can be translated in consciousness. We will teach you how to translate the sacred language of your body and as you do so, watch your physical symptoms completely transform.

Embodiment Meditations

Many people experience themselves from a disembodied place, which keeps them from experiencing their full pleasure and ease. Embodiment meditations bring you all the way in. They are an amazing tool for remembering divine safety in your body and refreshing your system from the inside out. Tatiana will guide you every night before bed, helping you integrate all of the consciousness upgrades from your day and feel more of you. This simple guidance will be something you can bring home and practice daily.

Universal Laws + Principles

We work with first principles and unviersal laws - examples being: we create our reality (and have the power to upgrade it), everything is consciousness, and love above all else is what truly heals. Everything we do starts from the solid foundation of these timeless universal laws and principles, and aligning with them faciliates lasting, permanent change.

If you desire to…

  • Be fully present
  • Discover your sacred mission
  • Dissolve old patterns and trauma
  • Become more conscious
  • Feel more deeply
  • Experience vibrant health
  • Trust your inner knowing
  • Learn profound inner work tools
  • Feel new levels of love, peace, and joy
  • Embrace your fullest expression

And you are willing to be made completely new

we invite you to join us

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More Bonuses

Integration Day

Integration is key for your retreat. We curate our final day to be filled with rest and receiving. On integration day, we set new intentions, swim, connect with nature, rest, and receive optional bodywork or acupuncture.


Your retreat is the beginning, not the end of your experience in community. You will be added to an intimate, inner circle group on Telegram where we can all connect, share our miracles and support each other going forward.

Integration Call

We offer a group call after the retreat to wrap up our experience together, and ensure everyone receives the support they require.


“Working with Lars is the deepest work I’ve ever done, and I’ve worked with many top coaches and mentors in my life.”

Kristen Swanson

CEO and President of Juut SalonSpas

 “Lars has the ability to cut through distortions and see people’s highest self. The perception, intuition and love that he operates in creates a powerful space for clarity and healing. I highly recommend working with Lars. He is the real deal!”

Michael Rogerson

Magician + Transformational Coach

“The easiest way I can summarize it is there’s life before Lars and there’s life after, except that we’re still friends and he’s still a mentor of mine. I’m just amazed at how far I’ve come in such a short amount of time. I’m making quantum leaps and I encourage you to begin working with him.”

Tamatha Richman

VP at Wells Fargo Bank

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