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Who I Coach

I coach those who are stepping into their next level of conscious leadership. I coach those who don’t “need” coaching. I coach those who are pursuing holistic life mastery. I only work with people who desire to have a large positive impact in the world. People who intuitively connect with my energy are the best fit, as I’m definitely not for everyone 😉

Who I Don’t Coach

I do not work with people who consider themselves victims, those who are closed-minded, those who have trouble understanding complexity, those who are new to personal development, and those who are afraid or unable to invest in themselves.

What I Provide

One of my gifts is being able to see you in your highest potential, your Higher Self, and support you in living into that. If you’re serious about actualizing your highest potential, apply for a call.

Ideal Life Visioning

Your Unique Genius

New Paradigm Relationships

Rapid Spiritual Awakening


Finding Total Freedom

Location Independence

World-Class Tribe

Financial Abundance

If You Are Ready…

…to break free from the lies you have been telling yourself about why you can’t live your most authentic, inspired and powerful life, I am here for you. If you are ready for the deepest levels of liberation you can imagine (and beyond), I am here for you. If you are ready to invest in the greatest version of yourself, I am here for you. If you are ready to BE the most lit up, joyful, conscious, and loving version of yourself, I am here for you.

I am also known as a world-class “superconnector”, so I can connect you to pretty much anyone you’d like to be connected to. I can open up my network to you of those who normally help billionaires, royalty and presidents. Whatever you desire, either I or those in my inner circle will be able to serve you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is coaching exactly?

Everyone defines it differently. I define it this way: where you work with someone who can see your true essence, your highest gifts, and your perfection, even before you do. Where they help you shift your perspective to discover and actualize your latent gifts, intuitive wisdom, and limitless power to create the most flowing, abundant, and joyous life possible.

How Do I Know if your coaching Is Right for Me?

If there is something inside of you that is saying “I really need to work with him,” then chances are it would be a good fit. I have the ability to see you, appreciate you, and understand you at deep levels, which creates the foundation for transformation. When you’re ready to dive in, the first thing to do is apply for a free call to see if we’re a good fit to work together. I only coach people who I am really designed to serve. I have a network of amazing people to refer you to if it isn’t a great fit.

Why do you coach?

My greatest joy in life is sharing my gifts with the people I am meant to share them with. It’s a part of my calling. It’s part of who I am to see deeply into people, to see their essence and potential, and putting so much faith in that vision that they can gracefully grow into it themselves.

How is your Coaching structured?

When I work with people, I want to create enough time for true transformation to occur. To really experience profound, sustainable changes in your life, it takes time. Usually, I work with people over three months, with calls every two weeks. I give “homeplay” for deep integration between calls, and am available for what comes up between the calls.

What is your Coaching method?

Buckminster Fuller called himself a “comprehensive generalist”, which resonates with me. I’m not like the people who have 1 or 2 tried and true processes they use every time. It simply depends on what would benefit you the most. I come from a space of finely tuned intuition and psychic abilities, and am able to read between the lines to find out what’s REALLY going on in a your life, not just the cover story. We uncover anything that’s holding you back physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially to remove the fundamental causes (not the symptoms) of the blocks. People I work with emerge with profound clarity on who they are, exactly why they are here on this planet, with practical ways to step into their next level of greatness. Soon enough, they start to live life in a joyful state of effortless flow and radical abundance.

What kinds of people do you coach?

Clients include SVPs of Fortune 50 companies, leaders who manage 400+ people, people who have millions of views on social media, and many more… the common thread is that while they are successful on the “outer,” they are looking to align their spiritual awareness and their heart more deeply with what they do in the world, stepping into their TRUE power and creating what I call “new paradigm success,” which is holistic and means that we are thriving in ALL areas of life.

About Lars King

Bridge To The New Paradigm

I’ve always had the gift to see the big picture – about global trends, history, technology, culture, and the evolution of consciousness throughout our human story. When I mentor people, I see what their inner self is telling me about their life’s purpose, where they’re at in their journey, and what they need to evolve to the next level. Sometimes I meet strangers and drop into an intimate place of conversation right away, telling them about their life purpose, and they’ll start crying and asking me “how” I know. I can’t say how exactly, I just tell them that I have the gift of being able to look deep inside people and help them see and actualize the potential that I see so clearly.

Companies I’ve Worked With


Lars is a 21st century millennial master of transformation. It is rare to find a spiritual mentor who imparts the depth, the clarity, the humility, and the wisdom that Lars King does. The combination of his vast consciousness and deep knowledge spans across the fields of inspiration, motivation, technology, philosophy, consciousness and life hacks amongst others. Working with Lars will spark a light in your consciousness and ignite a fire in your business you never knew you had, awakening your desire to reach your highest evolutionary potential. His passion is to serve and to love first, leading you onward in your vision. Lars is a genius and true visionary, a luminous being who brings in a new era, a new paradigm that will ultimately shift humanity. A voice with a powerful message for healing today’s world.

Marie Mbouni, Hermosa Beach

I highly recommend Lars as a coach. He is the perfect person to talk to when you want to discover your purpose and match it with a business that fits your ideal lifestyle. He helps you to gain clarity on the right direction and offers invaluable advice that will inspire you to make bold moves.

Danielle Blum, San Diego

Speaking with Lars got me to really think about some of the challenges I face, how to overcome them and where I can grow my business. It was an easy and casual, yet constructive and productive conversation that left me feeling motivated and inspired to take the next steps. If you need some clarity and motivation he is your man to talk to!

Sophie Saville, Sydney

I can recommend Lars because he’s advised me while I built two multi-million dollar companies. Lars is a tremendous resource for fundamental advice in self-development, spirituality, and motivation. Lars is likely to be the Tony Robbins for the new generation.

Jay Singh, Los Angeles

Lars is a beautiful being. He has helped me to go on a path of self exploration. He is a role model.

Viktor Kafka, Budapest

Lars inspired me to find the real purpose in my life. I was seeking a guide to discover the real meaning of my dreams. Since that moment I have been working on what he told me.

Dayana Frias, Buenos Aires

“Lars has a unique ability to see your highest potential and lovingly call it out of you. He has contagious enthusiasm that will inspire, motivate, and wake you up to your purpose!”

Jack Peterson, Bali

Lars has a way of making it really easy to dive inward and open up by the questions he asks. He really listens and gives the exact feedback I need to hear in the moment. It was a really powerful call with a lot of takeaways. I’m already getting a ton out of the simple “homework” assignments he’s given me. Thank you Lars! ✨

Divina Balazo, Austin