New Paradigm Success

Step Into Your Highest Purpose

Gain crystal-clear clarity on your unique purpose and mission in this life, and create real momentum towards fulfilling them.

Get Real Results

I care deeply about empowering those I am privileged to serve to achieve significant practical, real-world results.

Awaken Your Consciousness

The sacred medicine ceremony, along with the intuitive coaching will deeply awaken your consciousness to far deeper levels than you have ever experienced before.

Three Months. Six People. Twelve Weeks Of Life-Changing Support.

This is for those who know they are ready for a massive breakthrough in their lives. Those who are ready to live in full alignment with their Higher Self and their true purpose in life. Those who are ready to serve at a higher level, and who are ready to receive the abundance that is waiting for them. We will eliminate anything that is holding you back from the life you have always dreamed of. If you want a life of total freedom and total love, feeling joy, presence, and bliss while experiencing success at far higher levels than ever before – this is for you.

The Details

The Container

We will have three in-depth zoom calls per month for three months, with unlimited support on Voxer (an app for voice messages). This is the most access to me that clients have ever had. We are also doing an in-person sacred medicine ceremony retreat near Austin, TX.

The Timing

Book a call with me sometime within the first two weeks of September to talk about joining the program – we will aim to have our first group call the third weekend of September (as long as everyone is able to make it – if not, we will move it). We will co-create the exact dates for the sacred medicine ceremony and the calls based on when everyone has availability.

The Results

In the beginning, we will explore the ideal results you want in your life by the end of the three months and ensure that we do everything we can, within perfect flow and ideal timing, for you to create those results (and more).

Warning – quantum leaps often happen when people work with me, so be prepared for upleveling like you have never experienced before.

Once In A Lifetime Bonuses

To make this a true no-brainer, I am including bonuses worth far more than the investment.

Sacred Medicine Ceremony

This is going to take place in a gorgeous area close to Austin, TX and is included with New Paradigm Success. Co-facilitated by Marie Mbouni who often faciliates $3,000 ceremonies for VIP clients in LA. This ceremony alone would be worth the entire investment.

Profound Health and Healing

My father Warren, a world-class medical intuitive, is offering his “Mystic” package (normally $997) as a free bonus for members of New Paradigm Success. Learn more here.

Free Professional  Photography Session

Yannik from The Perfect Headshot is offering his $500 package for free for members of New Paradigm Success.

Free Float and Infrared Sauna Sessions

The Ocean Lab is offering a free float ($99) and infrared sauna ($39) for members of New Paradigm Success.

Free Access To “Find Your Blueprint” Once It’s Released

Find Your Blueprint is a life-changing online course that will take you through all the most potent self-assessment tools so you can know your unique strengths, growing edges/blind spots, life mission, and highest destiny – offered for at least $997.

Private Access To World-Class Intuitives, Healers, Astrologers…And My Entire Network

I’ve been curating a group of people over many years who are literally the best in the world at what they do and use them often – their clients include billionaires, presidents, and royalty…and now you can have direct access to them, too. You’ll also have direct access to anyone in my network for special introductions.

About Lars

Bridge To The New Paradigm

It is my honor to serve and empower evolutionary leaders who are literally creating a new earth by courageously giving their unique gifts to the world. I’ve spent many years exploring and embodying what new paradigm success really is, and am beyond excited to offer my gifts to you.

“Lars has a unique ability to see your highest potential and lovingly call it out of you. He has contagious enthusiasm that will inspire, motivate, and wake you up to your purpose!”

Jack Peterson

“I can recommend Lars because he’s advised me while I built two multi-million dollar companies. Lars is a tremendous resource for fundamental advice in self-development, spirituality, and motivation. Lars is likely to be the Tony Robbins for the new generation.”

Jay Singh

“Lars is a 21st century millennial master of transformation. It is rare to find a spiritual mentor who imparts the depth, the clarity, the humility, and the wisdom that Lars King does. The combination of his vast consciousness and deep knowledge spans across the fields of inspiration, motivation, technology, philosophy, consciousness and life hacks amongst others. Working with Lars will spark a light in your consciousness and ignite a fire in your business you never knew you had, awakening your desire to reach your highest evolutionary potential. His passion is to serve and to love first, leading you onward in your vision. Lars is a genius and true visionary, a luminous being who brings in a new era, a new paradigm that will ultimately shift humanity. A voice with a powerful message for healing today’s world.”

Marie Mbouni

Frequently Asked Questions

How much new content will we be learning compared to coaching time?

While the program I just ran was filled with potent new content, this container is very much focused on coaching – so we will be exploring each person’s life in-depth and helping them get the personalized results that they are seeking. Inevitably, you will learn new content, yet that isn’t the focus this time.

WHat kind of Sacred medicine will it be?

We can talk about that on the call 😉



I want to live my highest truth, and be successful "in the world" - is that even possible?

Not only is it possible, it is THE way to step into new paradigm success. We will dive deep into this in the program. Integration is the key.

WHat is the estimated value of this?

Adding everything up, the value is (very conservatively) over $15,000. You’ll be investing a small fraction of that if you are one of the lucky six people that get a spot.

What are your financial results?

I’ve turned $25k into over $430k before through investing…was able to attract passive income of multiple thousands of dollars per day back in 2017…regularly share cutting-edge strategies and secrets with multi-millionaire friends…have hung out with and learned from billionaires…and that’s the tip of the iceberg. Financially and business-wise, you are in very good hands.


Yes, if necessary. We can talk about that on the call. By the way – It’s the lowest investment I will ever offer for something as powerful as this.

Get In Touch!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Book a call and secure your spot before they fill up. If your intuition is guiding you to take the next step, trust it.