I am passionate about supporting leaders in their journey of transformation and reclaiming their full selves. I have been doing this work for many years, and I love every opportunity to support my clients.

I often work with people who have already done a certain amount of inner work, and are ready for their next level of genuine change – letting go of old patterns and stuck emotions, and embodying the version of themselves they came here to embody. A main theme of my 1:1 work is uncovering and releasing deep-seated patterns and wounds, and replacing that energy with inner truth and love.

The outcomes of going on a transformational journey with me are wide-ranging, from improved leadership, emotional skills, deepened relationships, thriving health, soul purpose alignment, flowing abundance, inner clarity, love, nervous system relaxation, confidence, self-awareness, more fun, increased play, and spiritual connection. I find that each of my clients experiences their heart’s intentions fulfilled during our time together.

I strive to customize my offerings and outcomes to each individual and provide a unique experience for discerning clients who are ready for the journey of a lifetime.

Each year, the depth and breadth of my offerings evolve to incorporate what I am learning and practicing as a facilitator. I’ve searched all around the world for the most potent, life-changing modalities and have brought them all together in a way where we can mix and match depending on what is best for you in each session.

Here is a list of modalities I use. I strive to be able to meet you where you are at any given moment and serve you at the highest level.

Organizational Constellations

What began as “Family Constellations,” a highly effective healing method for family dynamics, has been adapted to the business world, and works uniquely well in discovering and remedying the oftentimes hidden real cause of dysfunction or lack of performance in any area of the business. I’m connected with a mentor in this field who has helped world-famous companies make billions using this method, and those companies don’t want people to know their well-kept secrets. Now, the secret is out!

IFS For Teams

IFS (Internal Family Systems) has created a profoundly practical map of the human psyche, and as is often said, business problems are really people problems. With IFS, we can work in teams (and individually) to integrate and unburden aspects of ourselves that we bring to the workplace so that all parts of ourselves can be engaged, valued, and contribute to the company. Results from this modality are quite powerful and immediate.

Emotional Awareness + Exercises

To improve the emotional climate of an organization, it’s key that we start with emotional awareness, and go from there - we can learn to bake empathy, presence, kindness, understanding, respect, and attunement throughout company culture, creating a high-performing, exceptional place to work.

My 1:1 transformational journeys are for current and aspiring leaders ready to embody their higher purpose and become the version of themselves they know, deep down, they are capable of. If you’re ready to go deeper than you ever have, I’m your guy. I’m especially passionate about empowering those who are trailblazers in their field.

Often those who work with me feel that they are meant to work with me. If your intuition is giving you a signal, I encourage you to book a discovery call with me, where we can explore if it would be a great fit to work together.

Much love,