A boy from Minnesota.


From an early age, I was interested in learning the secrets of the universe. Growing up in Montessori schools helped me become a passionate self-directed learner. I was raised in a small “new age” religious community that integrated spiritual knowledge from all the major world religions, so I always had a different perspective than my peers.

I felt like an outsider for much of middle school – insecurity and negative thinking were my default. As a natural extrovert, I stifled my nature because I was scared of what people would think if I expressed myself. By the end of middle school, the pain was too much and I only saw one option. I was going to master my life instead of feeling like a victim. I committed to learning whatever I needed to learn and doing whatever it took to become the person I knew in my heart that I could be.

Upon beginning high school, I started listening to podcasts by inspiring people. This was a much higher level of conversation and consciousness than what surrounded me during the day. I soon realized that I could Google anything being taught in the classroom, so I decided to not “let my schooling get in the way of my education,” as Jim Rohn said.

I went to Northeastern University in Boston, which gave me a chance to work with some of the world’s boldest and most innovative companies in the world for six months at a time – an incredible opportunity to learn as much as possible and meet as many inspiring people as I could. I worked at MassChallenge, the world’s largest startup accelerator, Summit, where the world’s top impact-driven entrepreneurs gather, and Conscious Thought Revolution that aims to quantify and elevate global consciousness using AI and big data. Life became a lot more interesting as I studied abroad, played a role in world-class companies all around the world, explored the world’s most potent plant medicines, started online businesses, gave workshops and trainings, and taught online courses.

After graduating college, I was VP of business development for an up-and-coming company in the digital marketing industry while working remotely. I traveled and lived all around the world, totaling 47 countries and 47 US states so far. Between business conferences, I explored cutting edge personal development, ancient philosophy, powerful healing modalities and timeless spirituality while reading hundreds of books, talking with world-class mentors, going to idyllic retreats, and having immersive experiences. I soaked it up like a sponge, and built my global tribe in the process.

In my career, as time went on, I started to feel less and less fulfilled as I felt like I wasn’t learning anymore. I started a marketing agency for conscious companies, but living my true purpose fills my heart, and the agency wasn’t in alignment with it. I decided to shut the agency down and quit my marketing job too. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, I was seeking what we have all but lost in the Western world – an initiation, a rite of passage.

Synchronicity led me to an Iboga plant medicine ceremony in Costa Rica. This was where I discovered and embraced my life’s purpose, which is to teach, learn and have fun while doing it. It was there all along, deep down, but I had never faced and accepted it fully.

Later in 2018, I was in a rural village in Central Africa coughing up blood, the sickest I’ve ever been – and the closest hospital didn’t even have running water. I had to get an emergency flight to Europe to go to the hospital, and that journey was the hardest I’ve ever undertaken. I was in such a state that I even wrote a note for friends and family in case I didn’t make it. I breathed from an oxygen tank, and was wheelchaired off the plane. For the next few days in the hospital, I really didn’t know if I would make it.

The experience was the initiation that I had been seeking. I had faced death, staring it right in the eyes, and survived. I know what it feels like to almost die. When you’re in that state, your thoughts immediately go to, “Did I do what I came here to do, and have I been the person I came here to be?”

After the initiation, the fear of fully expressing myself that had followed me around since middle school was gone. I know why I am here on this planet. I am here to ignite a global inner revolution. Everything external comes from within. Once we realize who, in fact, we really are, then we can live our lives fully as the creative, abundant, free, loving, joyful beings we were meant to be. Living with a deep trust in life itself, an open, loving heart, and a dedication to being the most authentic version of yourself makes all the difference. I hope to connect with you and help you discover more of your inner beauty and genius.

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