I am passionate about working with leaders and organizations that are ready to evolve to the next level. We consistently upgrade the phones we use, why haven’t we consistently been upgrading the “operating system” of leadership in organizations?

I specialize in conscious leadership consulting and work with executives and executive teams to solve their largest challenges by upgrading the way leaders operate individually and together. Ultimately, this work supports their transition into being a more conscious company overall.

Outcomes and benefits of this work include:

  • Significant financial ROI
  • Building a healthy, highly engaged company culture
  • Thriving team dynamics
  • Effective communication
  • Strengthened retention
  • Future-proof strategy
  • Improved decision-making
  • Employee development and satisfaction
  • Increased innovation
  • Rock-solid ethics.

It’s helpful that the leaders I work with have an open mind and are willing to explore things that may be new and different. As the saying goes, If you do what you’ve done, you’ll get what you’ve gotten. Willingness to explore inner work and new modalities of approaching business and interpersonal challenges is key. Working with companies that strive to be leaders in their industries and be an example for other companies is especially exciting for me to partner with.

When I work with organizations, I often collaborate with my business partner and conscious leadership consultant Ang Onorato. Ang has spent over 30 years in the corporate world in executive search, gaining deep insights into the intricacies of executive leadership. Currently, she’s a partner at Stanton Chase, a top 5 executive recruiting firm, where she plays an instrumental role in creating their latest offerings for leadership consulting.

Our skills complement each other well. While Ang is experienced in the details of executive leadership and has more recently begun her ‘inner work’ journey, I bring my extensive experience with facilitating individual and group transformation work. This combination of our skills helps us create solutions that support both the practical and transformative sides of leadership, which effectively supports leaders that are both new and experienced in inner work.

I bring many modalities into my work with organizations – here are just a few I’m particularly enthusiastic about.

Organizational Constellations

What began as “Family Constellations,” a highly effective healing method for family dynamics, has been adapted to the business world, and works uniquely well in discovering and remedying the oftentimes hidden real cause of dysfunction or lack of performance in any area of the business. I’m connected with a mentor in this field who has helped world-famous companies make billions using this method, and those companies don’t want people to know their well-kept secrets. Now, the secret is out!

IFS For Teams

IFS (Internal Family Systems) has created a profoundly practical map of the human psyche, and as is often said, business problems are really people problems. With IFS, we can work in teams (and individually) to integrate and unburden aspects of ourselves that we bring to the workplace so that all parts of ourselves can be engaged, valued, and contribute to the company. Results from this modality are quite powerful and immediate.

Emotional Awareness + Exercises

To improve the emotional climate of an organization, it’s key that we start with emotional awareness, and go from there - we can learn to bake empathy, presence, kindness, understanding, respect, and attunement throughout company culture, creating a high-performing, exceptional place to work.

I customize my engagement with each organization – we can offer a 1-day workshop, a 2-day or weekend workshop, a 3-day weekend offsite retreat, a longer-term hybrid in-person/online program, 1:1 work with key leaders, etc. What matters most is clarifying what outcomes are most important, and creating a unique engagement plan from there.

A bit of background: after receiving my business degree (entrepreneurship and marketing) from a top 13 undergraduate business program at Northeastern University in Boston, I focused on business and community development for leading-edge communities, startup accelerators, and digital marketing companies, then transitioned into focusing on deep transformation for individuals and organizations, in the service of a new paradigm based in abundance and love, instead of scarcity and fear.

Past long-term clients of mine include the CEO of an 8-figure company, an SVP at Wells Fargo, and many more including entrepreneurs reshaping their industries.

If you want to explore working with me (and Ang), book a discovery call with me here. I look forward to exploring how we can support your organization’s growth and transformation!