Activate Your Soul’s Mission In A Potent Community Of Leaders And Visionaries

Soul Code is a groundbreaking new system and community that supports you in discovering and activating your unique purpose. I call it a “soul mission accelerator.”

You are here for a reason, and you carry a vital “puzzle piece” in the unfoldment of humanity’s evolution. 

If you desire to activate your potential and gain unshakable clarity on what your highest gifts are – you’re in the right place.

If you are ready to move forward in creating a life of deep fulfillment, abundance, and a crystal-clear vision forward – Soul Code is for you.

Discover and expand into what you truly came here to BE and DO, while connecting with deeply supportive soul family. Together, we will truly transform our world. 

I invite you to join the pioneer group, and if you are called to be part of this community, prepare for the adventure of a lifetime.



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Who Is Soul Code For?

If you:

  • If you feel yourself getting closer to your purpose
  • If you already have a sense of it and want to go deeper
  • If you desire deeper connection with a high-frequency community

this is for you.

If you desire to…

  • Be the best version of yourself and fulfill your potential
  • Have an inspired focus for your time and energy
  • Feel crystal-clear clarity and a sense of real progress
  • Be decisive, breaking through procrastination and self-doubt
  • Have more ease and flow in your life
  • Live from an inspired place every day
  • Transition into the next phase of your life
  • Transcend perfectionism and realize your innate perfection
  • Trust yourself and your path at a greater level than ever before
  • Feel more grounded and of deep service to the world

Week 1: Laying The Rock-Solid Foundation For Your Journey

This week, we focus on the practical and spiritual elements of what life purpose actually is. We dive into the big picture, so that we can explore the multiple layers of what makes you, YOU in the weeks to come. We also explore the Hero’s Journey and the wisdom of the Archetypes as they relate to your deeper self-discovery. We end with an exploration of your unique superpowers (X-men and Harry Potter were on to something!)

Week 2: Secrets of Your Subconscious, Emotional Transformation and Pain To Purpose

This week, we discover the secrets of our subconscious mind and how it relates to our superconscious mind, both of which are key to understanding our purpose. We then learn how to transform all of our difficult emotions into freedom and clarity, and rewire subconscious beliefs. We transmute our pain into our purpose, our traumas into triumphs, and explore both the gifts and shadows of our parents and our lineage.

Week 3: Your Unique Strengths + Personality and Wealth + Relationship Alchemy

This week, we learn about ourselves at a core level – what makes us who we are, specifically? How do our strengths relate to our purpose? With that awareness, we discover how to create wealth and abundance naturally, in our unique flow, where we feel ease and grace throughout the journey. We also find out how to create harmony and depth in the relationships that matter to us the most.

Week 4: Soul-Level Self-Awareness

This week, we go deep into the metaphysical and spiritual levels of our being, and discover our hidden purpose at a deeper soul level. We use sacred tools both ancient and modern to discover the multidimensional blueprint that we each carry for the highest unfoldment of our lives.

Week 5: Your Life Purpose + Mission and Helpful Feedback From Loved Ones

This week, we bring the last few weeks together by discovering our unique mission and purpose (and learning the difference between the two). We also learn how to ask for and receive feedback from our loved ones in a way where we feel safe and held in their highest vision of us.

Week 6: Integration and Moving Forward With Momentum

This week, we focus on integration and moving forward – connecting the dots between our new self-awareness and our outer world. We explore the topic of living by our highest excitement while creating from a place that inspires us, serves the evolution of the world, and creates financial abundance. From here, we feel ease in moving forward with strong momentum, after being made new.

Bonus: Live Weekly Group Coaching

Each week, I’ll be offering a group coaching call where you’ll receive insights and transformation both from what’s coming up for you, and the group. What I find is that what one person is going through, the group is also experiencing at some level. I LOVE these sacred sessions, as we really get to play at the deepest levels together. Healing, breakthroughs, insights, and clarity are all typical outcomes from these calls 😊

Lars King

Sacred Life Purpose Coach

After I spent many years discovering my own unique purpose in life, going down just about every rabbit hole imaginable (so you don’t have to!) I’ve helped many clients discover their purpose – and am honored to be your guide on this journey deep inside yourself, where you will find inner resources and clarity beyond your imagination.

What You Receive

LIVE Soul Code Calls + Weekly Group Coaching Calls

You will be able to participate, evolve and transform LIVE, as well as learn at your own pace, depending on what you resonate with the most.


Supportive Community

Our community is full of inspiring, vibrant people with truly amazing gifts, abilities, life stories and ambitions. You’ll have the opportunity to give and receive support from each other and create lifelong friendships. We are an intentional, high-frequency group of people and we will all grow so much more together than apart.

Unlimited Q+A During The Course

You will get to ask any questions you have about the course and I’ll personally reply to them on the calls and in the group.

Lifetime Updates And Future Versions

The Soul Code system will continue to be updated to stay leading-edge, and when it launches at full price, you will have access to the updated version of it for free (along with any future updates and bonuses).

Potent Self-Awareness Bonuses

There are many bonus self-awareness tools in the course that go beyond the core curriculum which you’ll have access to – they will support you in going above and beyond if you desire to.

Videos, Audios, Homeplay

You’ll receive the lessons in video and audio form, along with “homeplay” (instead of homework) so you know exactly what to do to experience results.

More Bonuses

Your Personal "Soul Code"

You’ll create your personalized “Soul Code” that you fill in week by week, which you get to keep! This will provide a clear snapshot of your soul’s purpose and strengths, which will be useful for many years to come.

Higher Self Guided Experience

You’ll go on an inner journey to meet your “Higher Self,” where you’ll receive clear, practical wisdom and guidance from deep levels of your being. 

Best Books I've Ever Read

After reading hundreds of transformative books, I’ve put together a helpful list of the very best ones I’ve ever read, by category. This is something I wish I had years ago.

Join The Pioneer Group

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“Working with Lars is the deepest work I’ve ever done, and I’ve worked with many top coaches and mentors in my life.”

Kristen Swanson

CEO and President of Juut SalonSpas

 “Lars has the ability to cut through distortions and see people’s highest self. The perception, intuition and love that he operates in creates a powerful space for clarity and healing. I highly recommend working with Lars. He is the real deal!”

Michael Rogerson

Magician + Transformational Coach

“The easiest way I can summarize it is there’s life before Lars and there’s life after, except that we’re still friends and he’s still a mentor of mine. I’m just amazed at how far I’ve come in such a short amount of time. I’m making quantum leaps and I encourage you to begin working with him.”

Tamatha Richman

VP at Wells Fargo Bank


How much of a commitment is it?

My goal was to create as little content as possible to have the highest impact possible. The more you invest into this experience, the more benefit you receive - for the rest of your life. Living in alignment with our true purpose is one of the most important things we can focus on in life. That said, if you devote 1-2 hours per week to do the homeplay, you will receive major benefits. You have lifetime access once you join, so you'll be able to complete everything on your own time, no matter what's happening in your life.

When do we begin?

While our first bonus experience is on Sept 1 - we officially begin on Sept 10.

This is your chance to live in full alignment with who you truly came here to be.

Doing this together with soul family makes this journey that much more amazing.

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