Speaking + Poetry

I am available for speaking engagements, poetry performances, podcasts, workshops, and guest facilitation. I do this digitally and in person, all over the world. I love sharing my message and gifts and am happy to explore how I can serve you and your audience. Feel free to reach out on my contact form or book a call here to discuss this further.

Organizational Constellations

What began as “Family Constellations,” a highly effective healing method for family dynamics, has been adapted to the business world, and works uniquely well in discovering and remedying the oftentimes hidden real cause of dysfunction or lack of performance in any area of the business. I’m connected with a mentor in this field who has helped world-famous companies make billions using this method, and those companies don’t want people to know their well-kept secrets. Now, the secret is out!

IFS For Teams

IFS (Internal Family Systems) has created a profoundly practical map of the human psyche, and as is often said, business problems are really people problems. With IFS, we can work in teams (and individually) to integrate and unburden aspects of ourselves that we bring to the workplace so that all parts of ourselves can be engaged, valued, and contribute to the company. Results from this modality are quite powerful and immediate.

Emotional Awareness + Exercises

To improve the emotional climate of an organization, it’s key that we start with emotional awareness, and go from there - we can learn to bake empathy, presence, kindness, understanding, respect, and attunement throughout company culture, creating a high-performing, exceptional place to work.

I am available for speaking engagements, poetry performances, podcasts, workshops, and guest facilitation. I do this digitally and in person, all over the world. I love sharing my message and gifts and am happy to explore how I can serve you and your audience. Feel free to reach out on my contact form or book a call here to discuss this further.

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I can create a highly customized experience for your audience. It will be engaging, dynamic, and have a lasting, positive impact. The areas in which I have the most expertise and passion are inner transformation, trauma healing, the future of humanity, conscious leadership, family + organizational constellation work, and new paradigms in business, relationships, and society.

By choosing me as a speaker, your audience will receive:

  • A deeper connection with themselves and their intuition
  • Fun, play, insight, and realizations
  • Clarity on their path forward (especially as it relates to their inner journey)


I have deeply talented poets on both sides of my lineage, and it comes quite naturally to me. I started sharing inspired poetry in 2018, and it’s gotten more developed ever since, from sharing poetry at multiple conferences with 200+ people to sharing a poem each morning to set the daily tone for a transformational retreat of 60+ people. While I have many poems that inspire, guide, and share messages from my heart, I have customized many poems with different themes for events, experiences, and individual people. I enjoy creating custom poems for people’s birthdays that honor them in a fun and loving way.

My poetry offers:

  • Customized poetry that inspires, touches hearts, plants seeds, and opens people up
  • A tone-setting experience for the rest of the event
  • Enjoyable, witty, and playful messages that contain depths of wisdom and clarity


I enjoy being on podcasts to share my experiences, stories, and passion. My aim is for the audience to walk away with a new perspective and actionable tools. They can start using these tools right away, positively changing their lives and those of the people around them. I am a natural communicator and I really enjoy sharing about the emerging future, a new paradigm of living for humanity, and how we can actually get there in a practical way. I’m happy to talk about basically anything that’s relevant and helpful on a podcast, and I love following the natural flow of conversation. I have many unique insights, stories, and perspectives to share and connect on.

By featuring me on your podcast, your audience will:

  • Receive completely new perspectives that shake up and deepen their current understanding
  • Learn practical tools they can use the same day to change their lives for the better
  • Be inspired about what’s possible in their own lives, and move forward in their own unique purpose and leadership


I love doing workshops, whether that’s in person or digitally. I facilitate multiple types of workshops. These include “constellations” – encompassing family constellations, organizational constellations, and mini-constellations. They also include sacred body language translations, and conscious leadership workshops. Each one is a safe space where people open up, discover more about themselves, and their subconscious mind, and find healing and growth.

In the constellations workshops, I support people to tap into “the knowing field” where they intuitively role-play specific people or other topics and find clarity, healing, and resolutions, whether that’s exploring people’s family dynamics, organization, or different aspects of their subconscious.

In the sacred body language translations workshops, I am a trained facilitator of a method where I can read body language in real-time and help people “decode” the messages their subconscious is seeking to send them through their body, and partner with these messages in order to move forward in specific ways that are being signaled. It’s a powerful experience for all involved.

In the conscious leadership workshops, I support people to discover what conscious leadership is, what it isn’t, and how to embody more consciousness in their leadership. I believe everyone is a leader and with guidance and support, everyone can become a more conscious leader.

Here are some key benefits people receive in my workshops:

  • Gain insights into the different elements of their subconscious mind, helping them remove the blocks to thriving in every area of life
  • Discover clear ways to decode the messages their body is sending them
  • Learn what conscious leadership is and how to embody it in their personal and professional lives


Guest facilitation:

I am available to be a guest facilitator at retreats, events, or programs. I bring a specific energy to the space. Many participants have shared how this energy helps them activate their gifts and higher purpose. It also aids them to connect with their higher self and ancestors, heal their wounds, and feel seen at a level they may not have experienced before. Facilitating people’s transformation is highly sacred to me and I treat it as such. I am a highly experienced coach, whether it’s 1:1 or “hot seats” in front of the group, I can facilitate many group exercises and breakout groups, share key concepts, and I can also bring in a deeper level of healing by holding specific points on the body for trauma release.

As a guest facilitator, I enjoy offering:

  • A customized family constellations workshop based on the theme and energy of your retreat, event, or program, where everyone in the room receives life-changing clarity
  • Pointholding at deeper, more intimate healing retreats for trauma release
  • Group coaching where everyone in the room receives value from each person being coached
  • Many dynamic, transformational group exercises that create lasting, memorable results for participants

Connect with me either on my contact form or book a discovery call with me here [link].