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Stop Building Castles Out Of Sand

In life, we so easily get distracted by shiny objects. The latest supplement that’s GUARANTEED to extend our lifespan. The latest productivity hack that all the MOST SUCCESSFUL entrepreneurs are using. The latest diet that’s ALL THE RAGE.


The thing is, we forget that 80% of the results we get in any area of life are dictated by 20% of the things we do – are those things are almost always the FUNDAMENTALS. That’s why when people who are the best in their fields are asked for advice, so often what they say is to focus on the fundamentals.


And we don’t want to hear it. We want the latest and greatest, the easy hack. Yet we need to listen and hear the wisdom in their message.


If you’re trying to build an incredible house, you need to have an extremely sturdy foundation. Lots of people have magical sounding goals and dreams, but what are they doing every single day to actualize it? What routines and habits have they set up so that the outcomes they want become inevitable?


I’m sure you’ve heard this before. I definitely had. It’s one thing to hear something, even agree with it, and an entirely different thing to deeply integrate it in everything you do.


The mind wants the easy way out so that it can keep running 95% of your life on autopilot…until something breaks.


I learned this lesson the hard way over the last couple months. I wanted to start this year off with a bang, and instead things mostly fell apart because I didn’t have the fundamentals down. My health took a nosedive, and I realized how much time it takes to actually move in to a new place. To learn how to cook healthy food. To create a beautiful website. To create real community in a new city.


Things take time, and when you focus on the fundamentals, they start to build, step by step, in a really sturdy way. That’s how you know it’s sustainable. If it’s not somewhat repetitive, it’s questionable.


I’ve been lifting weights on and off for years, and never had a trainer. I just assumed I could watch some videos of good form and know what to do. When I actually hired a trainer this year, I was proved way wrong. I didn’t have the fundamentals down, not even close. I didn’t even know them. Now, I’m in incredible shape, not because I did anything special, just because I did exactly what my trainer recommended.


In my health, I was reacting to something I was eating, so I took multiple different blood tests to find out what was actually going on. I had a skincare routine that was haphazard at best, so when I went to a professional I learned what actually works and what doesn’t. I had the humility to change based on what the experts in their domains were telling me.


In spiritual development, there are truly no shortage of shiny objects, but the most sustainable long-term progress comes from daily meditation, which has been my sturdy rock in all the changes during the last couple years.


So don’t get distracted by the latest and greatest. Focus on what has been proven to work, and once you master the fundamentals, then feel free to expand and explore from there. Don’t build castles out of sand. Whatever you’re dreaming of, it’s possible, so now find out what the fundamentals are that will be the sturdy foundation you can build on.


Much love and good luck 🙏

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