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If you are ready to embody the sacred truth of your heart, you’ve come to the right place.


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Your Soul Guided You Here

Here’s a bit about me and how I work with people.

I have a unique skillset, background, and experience to serve you. 

Your Guide, Mentor, Coach and Friend

I play the roles of modern-day medicine man, guide to the mysteries, compassionate mentor, transformational coach and psychic intuitive – and I focus on what truly gets results, one of the best ways being shifting the subconscious mind. I have invested years learning about and transforming my subconscious to discover what truly works, and have been working with aligned clients for years. I go very deep and love working at the level of the soul.

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you are an amazing being that has sacred and powerful gifts they’d like to bring to the next level. One of my gifts is being able to see you at a very deep level, and I’ll be able to see your light and also any blocks we require removing in order to truly move forward in stepping into your magnificence at a more potent level than ever before.

Subconscious Shifting

Over 90% of our mind is subconscious. This is the core of why some people live extraordinary lives, and most don’t. If you can reliably shift your subconscious, you can reliably create any results you desire. I’ve invested years in discovering how to do this and empowering my clients to do the same…to miraculous results. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s one of the most important things you can ever learn.

Experienced, Certified Coaching And Facilitation

I’ve been coaching and mentoring for many years, facilitating transformation in individuals and groups. I enjoy going first, being the guinea pig and finding what works and what doesn’t, so my clients don’t have to. I’m highly confident that anything you’d like to transform and create in your life, we can generate results you’re thrilled by with a sense of ease, joy, and flow.

Decoding Word Patterns + Belief Structures

Our subconscious speaks through us through specific word patterns and choices, and I am listening at multiple levels to the “meaning behind the meaning” so that I understand where your subconscious is coming from, and the belief patterns that it may hold (which our conscious mind is usually unaware of). Based on this, I facilitate your creation of new choices that alter your entire reality, much faster than some may imagine is possible.

Translating The Sacred Language Of Your Body

Our body always tells the truth. Any health issues, pains, injuries are precious information as they provide “code” for what our subconscious is desiring to express to our conscious minds. I’m able to decode what your body desires to express to you, and when people act on this new awareness, often their health issues fade away quickly as the “message” was received.

Revealing Secrets Of The Universe

One of my main passions is discovering the secrets of the universe, from a vast array of in-depth sources and perspectives. Anytime where it’s relevant, I share higher laws of reality, creation, manifestation, and spiritual progress to assist in the development of what matters most – your soul’s evolution.

Practical Guidance On Your Highest Path In Life + Business

Wherever your heart desires for you to go, I and a likeminded tribe can deeply support you on your journey there. I spent many years in the business and marketing worlds (with a degree in entrepreneurship) so I’ll be able to support your growth in any major area of life, whether that’s your career, your finances, your legacy, your impact, your relationships, your spiritual growth, you name it, if it’s important to you, we can generate profound results in that area. I work with a holistic, multidimensional perspective where everything affects everything else, so the idea is that we end up elevating every area of your life.

Seeing Perfection

I choose to see perfection, meaning I do not see what’s “wrong” – because in truth, there is none. That is simply a deeply ingrained construct. I see you as already perfect, and an aspect of your perfection is that you are always evolving, learning, and growing. Nothing is too dark, intense or painful for me to hold space for. I receive all of you, exactly as you are. As Shunryu Suzuki says, “Everything is perfect and there is always room for improvement.”

Clients Say...

“Working with Lars is the deepest work I’ve ever done, and I’ve worked with many top coaches and mentors in my life. I have an abundance of joy and happiness. I feel a huge shift within myself, my family and my team. So so so grateful!”

Kristen Swanson

CEO and President of Juut SalonSpas

 “Lars has the ability to cut through distortions and see people’s highest self. The perception, intuition and love that he operates in creates a powerful space for clarity and healing. I highly recommend working with Lars. He is the real deal!”

Michael Rogerson

Magician + Transformational Coach

“The easiest way I can summarize it is there’s life before Lars and there’s life after, except that we’re still friends and he’s still a mentor of mine. I’m just amazed at how far I’ve come in such a short amount of time. I’m making quantum leaps and I encourage you to begin working with him.”

Tamatha Richman

VP at Wells Fargo

“Lars created the space for me to explore, discover and finally give myself permission to be who I am, fully self-expressed – free from judgment, and to give myself unconditional love. Lars is a perfect guide, in that he empowers you to get to your most aligned destination in a way that deeply resonates for you.”

Joshua Keane

Business Coach

Your Purpose Is Your Foundation

Everything we create comes from a crystal clear understanding of our purpose.


I work with people who are consciously living out their soul’s mission.


If you desire to discover what that is, I created the Soul Code experience for you:

Discover Your Soul Code
If we feel we are resonant fit to work together, I offer working together in my awakening leaders program for either a 12 week experience or a full year.
I work with people in small groups (with 1:1 support throughout) as the energy is higher and we all grow exponentially more in a group container.
There’s currently a waitlist to apply for a call, I’ll reach out when spots are available.
Every hero and heroine requires support on their sacred journey of evolution, growth and the deeper fulfillment of their purpose.
If you feel an intuitive call to work together, add your name by clicking the button below:

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More Client Love

Lars is a 21st century millennial master of transformation. It is rare to find a spiritual mentor who imparts the depth, the clarity, the humility, and the wisdom that Lars King does. The combination of his vast consciousness and deep knowledge is impressive. Working with Lars will spark a light in your consciousness and ignite a fire in your business you never knew you had, awakening your desire to reach your highest evolutionary potential. His passion is to serve and to love first, leading you onward in your vision. Lars is a genius and true visionary, a luminous being who brings in a new era, a new paradigm that will ultimately shift humanity. A voice with a powerful message for healing today’s world.

Marie Mbouni

I highly recommend Lars as a coach. He is the perfect person to talk to when you want to discover your purpose and match it with a business that fits your ideal lifestyle. He helps you to gain clarity on the right direction and offers invaluable advice that will inspire you to make bold moves.

Danielle Blum

Lars has a unique ability to see your highest potential and lovingly call it out of you. He has a contagious enthusiasm that will inspire, motivate, and wake you up to your purpose!

Jack Peterson

I can recommend Lars because he’s advised me while I built two multi-million dollar companies. Lars is likely to be the Tony Robbins for the new generation.

Jay Singh

Lars has a way of making it really easy to dive inward and open up by the questions he asks. He really listens and gives the exact feedback I need to hear in the moment. It was a really powerful call with a lot of takeaways. I’m already receiving a lot from the simple assignments he’s given me. Thank you Lars! ✨

Divina Balazo