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Hi! I’m Lars, and I love learning about and teaching topics that are not usually taught in school in a relatable, fun and accessible way. I was fortunate enough to have the chance to work at some of the world’s highest-impact companies, give talks internationally and start multiple online businesses. I caught the travel bug early on and have been to 25 countries and counting. In terms of work, I’ve spent six months at Summit, six months at MassChallenge (the world’s largest startup accelerator), and created Daily Meditation and Year Of Motivation. I also created online courses about public speaking and becoming a digital nomad. Currently, I live and work in Boston at CTR.


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I’ve given talks on three continents, ranging from meditation to outsourcing to digital nomadism. I love speaking to all kinds of audiences,
and always keep the audience engaged while giving them inspiration and practical tips on taking their lives to the next level.

“Lars has a strong passion for living life to the fullest. He brings unique insight and a fresh angle to each topic he presents. Don’t miss his talks if you are aching to be inspired!” —Eric Ching, Wynd HK

Me In The MiddleSpeaking To A Big Room


How To Become A Digital Nomad
Millions of people are ditching their cubicles and traveling the world while making money through their laptops. This new lifestyle is called being a digital nomad, and this course is the only course on the web that teaches how to make the leap into this new lifestyle. In the course, I discuss strategies that will allow you to build wealth from anywhere, different ways to live cheaply around the world, how to maintain a quality lifestyle abroad, “travel hacking” to get free flights, and much more. I also have interviews with experienced digital nomads that share all their secrets with you. Here’s a discounted link.
Public Speaking For Millennials
Public speaking is an essential skill to have to succeed in both your personal and professional lives. In the course, I cover the fundamentals of all successful public speaking, tips and tricks the best speakers use, tactics to overcome fear, and actionable next steps to get out there and start speaking. I also have interviews with top millennial speakers that share their secrets of successful speaking with you. Here’s a discounted link.


“I highly recommend Lars as a coach. He is the perfect person to talk to when you want to discover your purpose and match it with a business that fits your ideal lifestyle. He helps you to gain clarity on the right direction and offers invaluable advice that will inspire you to make bold moves.”
—Danielle Blum

“Speaking with Lars got me to really think about some of the challenges I face, how to overcome them and where I can
grow my business. It was an easy and casual, yet constructive and productive conversation that left me feeling
motivated and inspired to take the next steps. If you need some clarity and motivation he is your man to talk to!”
—Sophie Saville

“I can recommend Lars because he’s advised me while I built two multi-million dollar companies. Lars is a tremendous resource for fundamental advice in self-development, spirituality, and motivation. Lars is likely to be the Tony Robbins for the new generation.”
—Jay Singh

I do personal coaching with a holistic focus, as every aspect of life is interrelated.I coach impact leaders who
don’t “need” coaching. These are A players that want to take their lives to the next level, and achieve results
that most people would only dream of. These people believe that anything is possible, and take massive action
towards their goals. If that sounds like you, contact me and we’ll set up an introductory 30-minute Skype call.

I also do strategic consulting for businesses and startups.


Daily Meditation
I created Daily Meditation because I wanted to help people create a daily, sustainable meditation practice. Meditation has completely transformed my life and I wanted to be able to help people integrate the practice into their life in the best way possible. To make it as affordable as possible, it’s only $5 a month here.
Year Of Motivation
Imagine starting each day with a burst of motivation, keeping you focused and productive all day. You’d start making massive progress on the things you know you should do, but aren’t actually doing. I created Year of Motivation to help people stay motivated every single day of the year. It’s less than 17 cents a day here.


Here’s a list of the books that have had the biggest impact on my life:
The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
A Theory of Everything by Ken Wilber
The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida
Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu
How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie
The Creature From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin
Emotional Intimacy by Robert Augustus Masters
Gene Keys by Richard Rudd
The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer


Here are some powerful blogs that have changed my perspective on many things:
Steve Pavlina
High Existence
Collective Evolution
Zerohedge Front-Running
Goes deep into markets, geopolitics, finance, economics, and news from a “non-mainstream” perspective. A favorite.
WSJ 10-Point
Keeps me up-to-date on markets, news, and politics worldwide, all in a two-minute email a day. Well worth it.
Abundance Insider
Keeps me up-to-date on the exponential technologies that are radically transforming the world.
Great monthly analysis of emerging consumer trends all around the world.
Product Hunt
The best new startups every day in your inbox. An absolute must for anyone interested in technology and entrepreneurship.
Tim Ferriss’ Newsletter
Weekly updates from the quintessential human guinea pig. Always entertaining and fascinating.
Mark Manson
His homepage says, “I write personal development advice that doesn’t suck.” We’ll go with that.
Integral Post
Weekly insights from the integral world.
I Ching Weekly
Ancient Taoist wisdom to inspire you once a week. Surprisingly accurate and useful.
Internet Tools
This is how I listen to ~2 audiobooks per week (at 3x playback speed).
Sleep Cycle
This app is an absolute life-saver, as it wakes you up at the right time in your sleep cycle to ensure that you feel as rested as possible.
Motif Investing
This is where I do my investing. Invest in trends and ideas, not just single stocks. Get $100 for signing up through this link.
Replaces all ads on the internet with collections of inspirational images that you curate.
Tracks your finances automatically. Really helpful for managing your $$$.
Free credit score/reports anytime.
Sends you analytics on all your internet use, automatically tracking your productivity every week. A must.
Automatically adjusts the backlight on your computer at night, which helps you go to sleep easier once you’re done.
Sunrise Calendar
The best calendar out there, with 1-click meeting scheduling.
Love the simple swipe functions on this email client.
They have a “Discover Weekly” playlist that sends you a curated list of songs which their algorithm determined you’d love (based on every other song you’ve ever listened to on Spotify). Genius.
Much better for mixes and social than Spotify.
Mind Of A Winner
This software flashes messages (that you choose) to your subconscious mind as you use your computer, powerful stuff.
A must for note-taking and documents across devices.


Here’s a list of the media that’s covered me and my businesses. I love being on interviews/podcasts, so please contact me if you’d like to have me as a guest on your show!
Business Buff Entrepreneurs: Lars King, Founder of Daily Meditation
The Pocket Change Podcast: Daily Meditation, Motivation and The Power of Speed Reading
Inverse Media: Psychedelic Activists Aren’t the LSD-Dropping Hippie Flakes You Think They Are
(I organized this event)
MAPS Fundraising: I was able to raise the most money for the nonprofit out of all the fundraisers that took place around the world
Media for Daily Meditation
BostInno: This Northeastern Student Wants You Meditating Daily
The Huntington News: Meditation Startup Relaxes Users
Launching Next: New Startup Makes You Happier, Calmer, and More Productive
Pick The Brain, Personal ImprovementSpiritual Media Blog, The Self Improvement Blog: The Ultimate Guide To Meditation
Be Conscious: Daily Meditation
Media for Year Of Motivation
Hack The System: How I Created My First Online Business
BostInno: This Northeastern Student Wants To Motivate You Every Morning Of The Year
Boston Business Journal: Northeastern Student’s Motivation-Focused Startup Became Profitable In 2 Weeks
Upstart Business Journal:  A Company That Went Into The Black In 2 Weeks? This Motivated Boston Student Did Just That
Northeastern News: What Motivates You?
The Huntington News: Student Launches 365 Videos Of Motivation
Personal Success Factors: Can You Really Make Money Online?!
Dillon Carter: How Lars King Created His First Web Startup


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