Pointholding is a deeply transformative approach to releasing trauma, with consistently profound, permanent, and liberating results. This practice involves applying sustained pressure to neurosomatic points on the body, granting access to the limbic system, the emotional command center of the brain. It's here that we can unlock and gently release long-held trauma.

The client lays comfortably on a massage table while two points at the base of the skull are held. The sessions resolve old traumatic imprints, allowing you to process and release past emotions and beliefs.

This modality offers a unique channel to the wisdom of your body, cultivating an intense embodied connection that can lead to life-altering changes. People often look significantly younger after sessions, and I’ve seen multiple miracles happen.

This is the most powerful modality I offer.


What is Pointholding?

Pointholding is a transformative approach that involves applying sustained pressure to specific points on the body, accessing the emotional center of the brain to release long-held trauma. It's a modality that can lead to profound and lasting changes in one's life.

How does Pointholding work?

Pointholding works by targeting neurosomatic points on the body, particularly at the base of the skull. This access to the limbic system allows for the gentle release of old traumatic imprints, enabling clients to process and release past emotions and beliefs.

What can I expect during a Pointholding session?

During a Pointholding session, you will lie comfortably on a massage table while two points at the base of your skull are held. This process helps resolve old traumas, leading to an intense connection with your body's wisdom and potential life-altering changes.

Are the results of Pointholding permanent?

Yes, Pointholding often produces profound and permanent results. Clients frequently experience liberation from long-held traumas, which can lead to a noticeable shift in their emotional well-being and even physical appearance.

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What My Clients Say...

“The healing that Lars facilitated was some of the most powerful, profound, and effective inner work I have ever experienced. I was able to release some of my deepest trauma that had been hidden away for 30+ years and that I had not been able to access with other modalities. I feel totally transformed at the core of my being and my health and peace of mind have improved leaps and bounds in the span of a few days. I have experienced countless healing modalities over the course of nearly 20 years in the space and what Lars offers is truly life changing.”

Dusty Drake

“My Pointholding experience was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The loving, gentle space that was created was amazing. I touched my true feelings deeper than I ever have before. It was the blast I needed to reconnect me to my innocence and enable me to live a life of true freedom and power in a very real way. EVERYONE needs to experience Pointholding!!! It is life-changing.”

Lori Vazquez